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Article: Optimal Care

Optimale Pflege

Optimal Care

Ready readers are an everyday item for people aged 40 and over. The right eyewear care should not be missing. This applies in particular to plastic lenses. Even if they are of high quality, they can still become scratched if not used properly. Reading glasses are easily left lying around somewhere and are therefore exposed to unforeseen influences. Here are the best tips:

Eyeglass cleaning cloths made of microfibre
Available from every optician. They are used for dry cleaning; dust and dirt are optimally retained. Recommended for on the go at all times. If the glasses are very dirty, you should first hold them under lukewarm water.

Eyeglass cleaning sprays
Eyeglass cleaning sprays, which are also available from opticians, are also very suitable. After damp cleaning, rub the lenses dry with a lens cleaning cloth.

Moist cleaning cloths
They are usually individually packaged for single use, stowed away in your handbag to save space and are quickly to hand. They should contain a special combination of two active ingredients, free from aggressive glass cleaning substances and artificial fragrances.

Please do not use clothing or other textiles
So, even if it may seem convenient to wipe your glasses with the edge of your T-shirt, this is anything but recommended. The lenses could be scratched or the coating damaged.

Professional cleaning at your optician
You should also have your glasses cleaned by an optician at regular intervals. They can clean your glasses gently and thoroughly in an ultrasonic bath, in which the glasses are placed and optimally cleaned within a few minutes using ultrasonic vibrations without any side effects.

I NEED YOU cleaning and care spray
Suitable for all glass materials (including polycarbonate) as well as safety glasses, displays, mirrors, helmet visors, screens, optical devices, camera lenses, smartphones and tablets. Environmentally friendly, climate-neutral pump spray with a fresh fragrance. Free from alcohol, silicone and VOC (volatile organic compounds) - volatile organic compounds that could irritate the eyes or nose. Removes fingerprints, dust and dirt without leaving streaks or smears. Also suitable for coated, tinted and other finished glasses. Has an antistatic effect.

I NEED YOU Anti fog spray
Moisture causes water to condense on the lenses. Many small droplets form an opaque film on the surface, leading to fogging and blurred vision. Anyone who wears glasses knows that lenses not only fog up when the temperature changes, but also when they are wet.


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