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I NEED YOU - Hamburg Readers

About Us

I NEED YOU Hamburg Readers
The name says it all. Our goal is to provide people with the beginning of presbyopia with exactly what they need: ready readers that match their prescription. Founded in Hamburg in 1993, we have over 30 years of expertise in the optics industry and offer a comprehensive range of high-quality ready readers. Our product portfolio reflects a wide variety of styles: from timeless to fashionable, from subtle to unique – and a certain Hanseatic flair hovers over all of this. By introducing the first frames made of recycled material we consistently follow the trend for sustainability eyewear.

Available from optical retailers or from selected partners.



Foundation of the company I NEED YOU


Foundation of the family owned company I NEED YOU in Hamburg with registration at the German Patentamt

Move to new sales office


Move into the newly constructed 1,000 m² I NEED YOU sales building in Hamburg Volksdorf with a stock of over 100,000 lenses.

International Sales Expansion


Start of international sales expansion with distributors and wholesalers in Europe and the United States.

20th Company Anniversary


I NEED YOU celebrates 20th anniversary with 10 employees and international distribution partners.

German Design Award


German Design Award for exceptional design and special functionality of the "Hang Over Line".



Acquisition of I NEED YOU by US based Hilco Vision Group, biggest international wholesaler for the optical industry - represented through Breitfeld & Schliekert in Germany.

German Design Award & Anniversary


German Design Award for the 5mm collection from the "Selected Line "

30th company anniversary

Brand Re-Launch


The new brand image clearly stands out from the mainstream of discount ready readers in supermarkets and department stores. The new "look and feel" with a no-frills design and clear language as well as the claim "Hamburg Readers" not only reflects the modern time spirit, but also the Hanseatic touch of the brand.

German Design Award

Award Winning Designs

When selecting our frames and models, we attach great importance to quality and functionality. Ready readers are put on and taken off many times in everyday life and are therefore subject to considerable wear and tear. In addition to the clean workmanship of all assembly parts and quality-tested lens materials, the design aspect should not be missing from ready-to-wear reading glasses. After all, reading aids for people with presbyopia are constant companions from the second half of life onwards, and the international, independent jury of experts for the German Design Award scrutinised some of our models and awarded us the prize for "Excellent Product Design - Lifestyle and Fashion" twice. In 2020, the Hang Over Line received this prestigious award due to its extra-long temples, which mean that the glasses are less likely to be misplaced. Simply worn around the neck, the glasses can always be carried with you even when not in use and can be used spontaneously when needed. In addition to the long temples and practical spring hinges, the simple, understated design was also a decisive factor for the jury: a perfect combination of functionality and design.

In 2023, a second model was honoured by the German Design Council. The 5MM ready reader series from the Selected Line is one of the winners of the German Design Award 2023 for outstanding design quality in the category: "Excellent Product Design - Lifestyle and Fashion". The jury, which is made up of representatives from industry, universities and design, gave the following reasons for its assessment: "The >>5MM<< ready-to-wear reading glasses from I NEED YOU are particularly appealing due to their slim and pleasantly lightweight frame made of plastic and metal, which is only 5mm thick, and the minimalist, simple design language that can be worn by all genders."

About the German Design Award

The German Design Award sets international standards for innovative design developments and competitiveness on the global market. It makes design trends visible across all industries in a glamorous setting and an independent international jury of experts decides on the presentation of the German Design Award. Today more than ever, outstanding design means providing answers to the challenges of our time, focussing on society and the impact of products and services on it - through multi-perspective approaches, sustainable and circular design processes or resource- and environmentally friendly production. The German Design Award has set itself the goal of promoting the diverse transformation tasks of our time through design, because outstanding examples provide orientation for others.

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